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Mon Nov 1, 8:00 AM - Fri Nov 5, 5:00 PM (PDT)
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  

Covert protection is one of the fastest-growing specializations in corporate and high-net-worth security–simultaneously enhancing threat mitigation and offering principals increased personal freedom. This course offers unmatched opportunities to develop or further enhance this unique skillset.


This exceptional five-day program teaches attendees how to reclaim the element of surprise—and the tactical advantage— by conducting truly covert protective operations.

The traditional mode of executive protection requires agents to respond to emergent threats as they occur. This reactionary approach allows adversaries a distinct advantage— the choice of where, when, what, and how they will conduct their hostile acts. They have the element of surprise. We find that unacceptable.

In order to identify and counter a sophisticated adversary as early as possible, skilled protectors must fully appreciate and understand how the adversary behaves, collects information and operates. The covert techniques and methodologies delivered in this course enable EP/PS agents to effectively “come out of the woodwork” and surprise any hostile force— thereby reclaiming the tactical advantage.

An added (but by no means unimportant) benefit of covert protection is the freedom it offers our principals. Most clients don’t want to “feel” or see EP agents— until the moment when it’s absolutely necessary. Covert protection offers principals a high degree of personal freedom and normalcy— while fundamentally enhancing the effectiveness of the security program.

Thanks to the challenges of this unique environment (also used as a proving ground by some of the most elite elements of the U.S. military and intelligence community), participants who complete this course satisfactorily will be prepared to powerfully reinforce protective operations while remaining entirely covert.

Who should attend:

This course is specifically designed for protection professionals working in corporate environments. Applicants with experience in executive protection, the military, law enforcement, government agencies, and other related fields will all benefit from this program. Allied Universal champions diversity in the EP industry and encourages qualified candidates of all backgrounds to apply.

Learning goals:

Participants will have the opportunity to acquire and/or further develop specialized skillsets for covert protection of principals within dynamic environments.

Topics of instruction include:

-Protective concepts
-Covert EP concepts
-Identifying surveillance vulnerabilities
-How to conduct surveillance (Static)
-How to conduct surveillance (Pedestrian)
-Hostile surveillance awareness
-Reporting and communication
-Adapting and blending into surroundings
-Suspicious indicators and recognition
-Pre-attack indicators and field threat assessments
-Planning a CovPro assignment
-Hostile actions and protective reactions
-Body language
-Field exercises in varied and diverse environments


-Classroom instruction
-Field exercises: Numerous role players are employed throughout the program to simulate genuine hostile surveillance and hostile action, thereby teaching attendees the skills required to make critical decisions in the field. Role players range from amateur to professional in order to simulate real-world scenarios involving a spectrum of hostile elements.
-Discussion and critiques


This program will be instructed by Ivor Terret or Chris Story.

Ivor Terret is currently based in Israel and was a founding member, team leader, and instructor of a government unit specializing in all areas of surveillance detection and covert protection, including projects involving heads of state and critical infrastructure. Prior to joining this unit, Ivor designed and implemented security master plans for covert counter-terror units and high-risk installations, and consulted on myriad projects including business parks, high-risk facilities and factories. Ivor brings over 22 years of international counter-terror experience serving government and private sector clients. In addition to consulting and operations, Ivor has instructed hundreds of students— including high-risk-facility security teams, covert government VIP-protection units, government surveillance detection units, specialized law enforcement and counter-terror units, and corporate executive protection and surveillance detection teams. Ivor is an authorized counter-terror and security instructor, meeting the standards set forth by the Israeli Police Force. He earned an MSc in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leicester and was the elected chair of ASIS Israel for 2016 and 2017.

Chris Story is a Senior Specialist Course Instructor at Enablement Advisors and has over 25 years of experience managing, conducting, and consulting in protective security and intelligence operations in the military and as a civilian. He is a senior protective operations leader and consultant in standard and non-standard protective security operations in permissive, semi-permissive, and high-risk environments with an extensive operational background. Aside from his corporate and consulting experience, Chris spent 8 years in high-risk environments in various protective leadership roles, and has evaluated security programs for High Net Worth Individuals, corporations, and governments for security and effectiveness. He has developed protective operations programs for those segments using risk-based intelligence-driven protection strategies, techniques, and technology. Chris has helped develop and deliver basic and advanced executive protection, surveillance detection, and high-risk protection courses for U.S. government agencies, U.S. military, foreign military, law enforcement, and civilians. He has instructed executive protection, covert protection, surveillance detection, high-risk protection, firearms, tactics, driving (on and off-road), and motorcycle riding for some of the top schools in the nation. Chris holds a BA in Security Management from American Military University, an MA in Management and Leadership from Liberty University, and an MBA from Keller School of Management. He proudly served for 14 years in the U.S. Army as a Ranger, Counterintelligence Agent, and Infantryman. He has experience from multiple specialized training courses with the U.S Army and other government and civilian organizations.


Successful participants will be awarded a CERTIFICATE OF QUALIFICATION for this program. Each certificate includes a three-tier ranking designation based upon individual performance: Proficient, Highly Proficient, or Exceptionally Proficient. Individuals who fail to meet the standards of this training program will not be certified by the Academy.


Allied Universal is dedicated to the improvement and professionalization of the executive protection industry. Academy applicants will be evaluated according to a mix of criteria prior to course admission:

-Relevant professional/ educational background and experience
-Ability to pass a criminal background check
-Demonstrably high degree of personal ethics and professionalism

Training Hours:

This is an intensive 5-day, 50-hour course. Instruction and field exercises typically run from 08:00 to 18:00, with certain exercises extending into the later evening.

Registration & Confirmation:

Please note that your seat will not be reserved until tuition is received. Tuition is refundable up to 30 days prior to training. Due to the sensitive nature of this program all applications are subject to review and vetting. Should any concerns arise in reference to your application you will be contacted by our training management team.

-Participants are responsible for their own travel, accommodations, and personal insurance (if desired). Accepted applicants will be notified as early as possible to allow ample time for arrangements and reservations.

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Chris Story, MBA

Specialist Instructor

Enablement Advisors

Specialist Training Partner

Ivor Terret, MSc

Senior Specialist Instructor
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA