Allied Universal Executive Protection and Intelligence Services delivers world-class training for professionals who are serious about their careers in executive protection and protective intelligence. Instructed by internationally recognized experts and active operations managers, we integrate decades of protective experience with cutting-edge strategies deployed on more than 1,600 missions in 110 countries every year.

Notice Regarding COVID-19

We recognize the vital importance of proactive measures to reduce the impact of the current public health emergency. All of our training programs incorporate daily temperature checks, self-screening questionnaires, enhanced cleaning practices, and other precautions as recommended by the CDC and local/ regional authorities. For additional information, please email


Taylor May 8, 2021

Invaluable for covert teams or to augment low profile details with added (invisible) layers. You’ll provide the same (or better) protection as usual with seamless surveillance detection and low-no signature. It’s challenging, but with the guidance of the instructors, it is attainable.

This is hard work folks. Bring your A Game.

Eeshaan May 8, 2021

Highly Professional, Challenging class that opens your eyes to a part of Executive Protection that one usually does not see. Great instructors and great logistical work done by Sam Bruce to make this all happen. I would highly recommend.

Pierre May 8, 2021
Eeshaan May 1, 2021

Very professional and challenging course. This course is a test of teamwork, decision making skills and the ability to plan for any sort of contingencies. Would highly recommend.

Matt April 4, 2021

Outstanding training and instructors. Disappointed that I got ill and was not soluble to complete the course at this time.

Eric April 2, 2021
Jesse January 20, 2021

Great class! Great instructor!

Leopoldo January 17, 2021

Good afternoon,
Working in Law Enforcement, created many memorable and consistent habits. During my career I have attended quarterly range qualifications and trained (range) with excellent teams. Along the way I have also trained with special teams and learned many valuable lessons. The training provided by the Executive Protection handgun course was healthy, 1st mentally, 2nd informative and most importantly challenged me to become a better operator. I walked away with a TEAM mindset, and felt we operated as ONE. Thanks for the opportunity and training. Polo Trejo

Jason January 9, 2021

Great fundamentals class and instructor.

Jason January 9, 2021

Gary is a amazing instructor and has the ability to change habits in a afternoon.

David January 8, 2021

The Class was great, best handgun training I have had.

Eeshaan January 8, 2021

Very professional and practical training. Absolutely essential for anyone who wants to improve their skills with handguns. Would highly recommend.

Eeshaan December 26, 2020

Highly professional and skilled instructors. Would definitely recommend this training programme to anyone else willing to improve their defensive driving skills.

Kenneth December 10, 2020

The crew of instructors were informative, fun and professional to work with. I left the course feeling like I learned a lot and added tools to my tool bet that I could use if I ever needed to.

Fidel December 10, 2020

Enjoyed the knowledge and training. Instructors were knowledgeable and patient.

Nicholas December 9, 2020

I feel this was a phenomenal course. Everyday I felt I learned more and more. Instructor Chris Story taught with great insight and shared his experiences. Daily FTX’s and debriefs were key for our learning. Overall, COVPRO was a great course and I am glad I attended.

Jorge December 6, 2020

Excellent training! Real hands-on activities/missions provided really good experience to those students that aspire to become an EP/Covert agent like myself. Chris’s experience and professionalism made the class much more interesting.

Brion December 5, 2020

Outstanding course. Chris Story was exceptional. Well organized course with excellent role players. Sam Bruce was very supportive and welcoming. It was an amazing experience. Thank you, AS Solution.

Angelo October 28, 2020
Andrew October 28, 2020

Excellent course and instruction. Highly applicable and useful information/skills.

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